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Is it enough to just have a good Website?

Is it enough to just have a good Website?

It can be – but only if your company is well established and is well-recognized. Otherwise, it is just not enough to have a good website. Remember, your website is  one in about 250 million websites on the Internet. How do make sure that it gets  ”found” on the Internet?

You may have considered the following:

1. How will potential website visitors find you on the Internet?
2. Once they find your website, what action do you want them to take?

There is no “formula” that guarantees success when it comes to the Internet. Search Engines continuously tweak and improve their search algorithms so they can maintain relevance for each search that is conducted and that the results they return have the most natural weight. Internet user expect credible results from the search engines and the search engines have to maintain this credibility so they serve up results that actually make sense. Therefore, your website must, at the very least:

-be designed and architected with focus on usability
-be constructed such that information (what visitors look for)  is readily found without having to “hunt” around for it
-have well-constructed landing pages with clear call(s) to action that lead visitors to take, well,  action!
-be optimized to load quickly, have no  broken links or  missing elements
-work with  all major browsers without “breaking”
-provide  unique and relevant content that engages your website visitors
-make minimal use of distractive technologies and elements (excessive use of flash, for example)
-be optimized to rank in top results on search major engines
-use latest technology that improves the user experience without becoming cumbersome
-be easy to update, manage and keep current without the need for a professional developer or designer

If your website is designed by taking into consideration most, if not all, of the above, you are on the right track. Otherwise, you may want to  Arnima, a professional Tampa Web Design company to help! As a Florida SEO company, we can also assist you with all your SEO needs. You can reach us at www.arnima.com or on 813.341.3500.